Landscaping Services In Taunton, MA

Landscaping Services In Taunton, MA

Located just 40 miles South of Boston is the lovely city of Taunton, MA. One of the oldest towns in the United States, Taunton's residents take great pride in caring for its buildings, neighborhoods, and outdoor spaces.

To maintain your Taunton yard, you could spend every weekend doing yard work or partner with a local landscaping professional. Here at DeRosa Landscaping, we are committed to providing our customers with quality landscaping services that we will customize to your property's unique needs.

Let us take the burden of lawn care off your hands so you can spend more time enjoying your yard with family and friends! For more information about landscaping services in Taunton, keep reading.

When Is The Best Time To Prune In Taunton?

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Caring for your property's trees is vital to their appearance, health, and the safety of your home and family. Overgrown trees can damage your home, garage, cars, and lawn during bad weather. Trees, shrubs, and bushes with overgrown branches can also block the sun's vital rays that your property's other plants and lawn need to grow healthy.

The best time to prune in Taunton is during the late fall and winter when temperatures have dropped, and trees and other woody plants like shrubs aren't producing flowers or fruit. In the winter months, trees become dormant; trimming when dormant means you won't disturb the growth of its leaves, fruit, or flower. Other benefits include it being easier to see what branches need trimming without leaves blocking the view, and any cuts made to the tree will heal quickly when the trees become active once again in the spring.

Pruning your property's trees is easiest done with the help of a professional. Here at DeRosa Landscaping, our professionals know our region's most common trees and plants and how to care for them. A properly pruned landscape looks great, is healthy, and will thrive long-term. To learn more about pruning services and other landscape services in Taunton, MA, please call today!

A Healthy Taunton Lawn Starts With Spring Maintenance

Proper maintenance is the best way to ensure that your property's lawn becomes healthy and remains healthy. Just like your home's heating and plumbing systems and your family's cars need regular maintenance, so does your lawn!

A long, cold, snowy Taunton winter can do a number on your lawn. Don't go into the warm weather season with a lawn plagued with bare spots, weeds, and discolored grass; instead, reach out for help!

Have your lawn looking and feeling its best through the spring maintenance services provided by DeRosa Landscaping. Through this service, we will:

  • Remove all debris, trash, sticks, and leaves from your property.
  • Rake out of plant beds and prune any plants that require it at that time.
  • Perform landscape edging on your property's plant beds to ensure its mulch stays put.

If ensuring your lawn has its best chance to look its best through the spring, summer, and fall seasons sounds appealing, please call today and learn more about our spring maintenance services in Taunton!

Quality Mulch Is Vital To A Beautiful Taunton Garden

There are many benefits to laying down mulch in your Taunton garden beds. One of the biggest benefits of mulch is that it will help keep the soil below moist, reducing your need to water plants. In addition, mulch acts as a barrier between insects and disease, encouraging root growth and healthy plants.

While mulching garden beds is essential, laying down quality mulch is even more important. Laying down a high-quality organic mulch is the best way to help maintain healthy garden beds. Organic mulch will break down over time, adding vital nutrients back into the soil and encouraging the healthy growth of your landscaping.

Here at DeRosa Landscaping, we believe in providing our Taunton, MA, customers with the highest quality mulch possible. We use true organic bark mulch that is hand selected from Maine and Canada. For more information about residential landscaping in Taunton and adding quality mulch to your property's garden beds, please reach out now!

The Benefits Of Clearing Your Taunton Lawn Before Winter Hits

Living in Taunton, MA means you are lucky enough to experience all four seasons; however, it also means you must prepare your lawn for all four seasons!

A key way to keep your lawn healthy is to clear it before the cold winter temperatures and harsh weather conditions hit. After reaching out to us at DeRosa Landscaping for fall lawn treatment, our professional will come to your property and clean up your yard and garden beds. They will remove and take leaves, fallen sticks, branches, and other yard debris to a compost site.

By working together, we can ensure healthy grass and plant growth on your property when spring's warm weather comes back. When it comes to your lawn's health and appearance, being proactive is always best! Call now to schedule your property's lawn maintenance services through our fall clean-up offerings in Taunton!

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Had my driveway in Taunton plowed twice from the big snow storm yesterday. Incredible service and communication sending out a second email to let me know of the second passing after the storm was close to finished in the afternoon. Professional, responsive and attentive process at this company!

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