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Taking Care Of Your Taunton Property's Pruning Needs

If you want your property and landscaping to look its best and be as healthy as possible, a lot of work has to go into it. Maybe you love doing yard work, or perhaps you hate it, but if you don't have the time, training, or desire to do the various jobs that you need to do, you can still have the lawn you want; you simply need to call in the professionals at DeRosa Landscaping.

With over 20 years of experience serving Taunton properties, DeRosa Landscaping provides the lawn maintenance services you need to have the most beautiful property in the neighborhood. One landscaping job that people often overlook is pruning. Pruning requires knowledge and care, and many property owners choose to skip it rather than do it incorrectly and damage the tree. Instead, let DeRosa Landscaping provide the lawn services you need to allow your trees to continue to grow healthy and strong.

Our Taunton, MA Pruning Services

Lots of tree branches cut from a tree on the ground after pruning

Having your trees pruned is beneficial for several reasons. First, it removes dead or dying branches, which not only makes way for new growth but is also an important safety measure. If a dead tree branch falls off your tree, it could injure people nearby or damage the property it lands on. Pruning is also helpful in preventing insects and other pests from causing further damage to your trees.

Although it can seem counterintuitive to cut branches off a tree to make it grow better, pruning does make a big difference in the healthy growth of a tree. However, there is a certain way to prune and certain times that pruning can occur. Pruning can harm your trees if you don't do it correctly and at the right time. That's why it's so important to have pruning landscaping services performed by the trained professionals at DeRosa Landscaping.

We offer our pruning services as a stand-alone job or in combination with our other lawn care maintenance services. We'll discuss what your landscaping needs are and create a service plan that provides you with all the services you require.

We do pruning in the spring or fall after the tree blooms. We put down tarps before we start, not only to protect the landscaping around the trees but also to collect our clippings. We'll then carefully prune your trees to remove dead or unhealthy branches. Once we finish, we'll gather up all the clippings and remove them from your property to dispose of at a composting facility.

Our Pruning Process

Inspection of a tree


We'll visit your property to look at your trees and determine which ones need pruning. We'll also find out if you want to include any other landscaping services with your pruning.

DeRosa tech pruning a tree


We'll lay out tarps to catch our clippings before we begin. We'll then meticulously prune your trees to remove unnecessary branches and stimulate healthy growth.

DeRosa tech putting pruned tree branches into a machine for clean up


When we finish pruning, we'll remove all the clippings from your property. We dispose of them at a local composting facility.

Pruning Frequently Asked Questions

Pruning your trees has several benefits. If branches are dead or hanging, they can break off and hurt someone or something in the process. Removing dead branches also promotes healthy growth and reduces the chances of your trees being invaded and damaged by pests.

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For pruning or other lawn care and maintenance services near you, call DeRosa Landscaping today! Our pruning services are available for homes and businesses in Taunton and the surrounding areas and are carried out by experienced professionals. Let us treat your trees with the care they deserve. Call us now!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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"Bought a house a couple years ago and the lawn was incredibly bad and mistreated. Spent this spring and summer working on it with Dave over at DeRosa and he was a great! He educated me on proper care and I was able to revitalize my lawn and it looks amazing this fall! I highly recommend this company"

Young couple with the male hugging the female from behind
Nicholas N

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