Fall Cleanup Service In Taunton, MA

Preparing Your Taunton Lawn For Fall & Winter

Fall in New England is about as picturesque as it gets. The gorgeous foliage and crisp air combine to make this season the favorite of many New Englanders. However, as the weather continues to cool and the leaves start to fall, our minds turn from enjoying the season to realizing we have a lot to do to get ready for winter. Your house may need repairs, your kids may need new jackets and boots, and your lawn likely needs some TLC.

Cleaning up your lawn before the cold winter season begins sets the stage for a New England portrait lawn that is manicured and beautiful for the winter season. When scattered leaves and debris pile up or when lawn care projects demand attention, DeRosa Landscaping can provide comfort and peace of mind as the colder months approach. Our fall clean up services provide the lawn care maintenance you need for your Taunton property. While there are many landscape companies in our area, DeRosa Landscaping provides an experienced and quality landscape service near you that delivers the best results.

Our Taunton, MA Fall Cleanup Services

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Our fall cleanup landscaping services will prepare your lawn and plant beds for winter. A properly cleaned lawn survives even the harshest winter with little to no damage and requires less work in the spring to bring it back to its former glory.

We start by removing all debris, trash, sticks, and leaves from your lawn. If left on your property over the winter, these items will create dead spots on your lawn. By removing these items in the fall, you’ll have less of an issue in the spring with dead grass. If you’ve ever wondered when to dethatch a lawn, spring is best, but by having a fall clean-up service performed, a spring dethatch service will be less intensive since the debris will be at a minimum.

In addition to removing debris from your lawn, we’ll also rake and clean out your plant beds to prepare them for the winter season and make clean up in the spring a breeze.

Our Fall Cleanup Process

leaves being collected into a bin

Debris Cleanup

We begin by cleaning all the debris off your lawn, including sticks, leaves, trash, and other items that can cause dead spots.

raking of a plant bed

Plant Bed Cleanup

We’ll rake and clean out your plant beds to prepare them for winter, making spring cleanup a quick and easy process.

DeRosa tech putting branches into a shredder

Debris Removal

We take all of the debris and other items we collect as we clean up your property and bring them to a composting facility.

Fall Cleanup Frequently Asked Questions

We perform a lawn cleanup of all debris and a plant bed clean up, preparing your landscaping for winter and making spring clean up a snap.

The Fall Services Your Lawn Needs

For the best lawn care service near you, look no further than DeRosa Landscaping. Our fall clean-up services will prepare your lawn for winter to be as healthy and beautiful as possible next spring. Call us now to schedule your service.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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They did an excellent job in filling in an in-ground pool that could not be fixed. After grass goes in it will be virtually impossible for anyone to tell that there was a pool there for over 40 years. Dave also is a very personable man to do business with, not to mention that he is very competitive with his pricing. I would and will do business with him again.

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Lou T.

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