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Why Taunton Homeowners Need Professional Lawn Maintenance

Does your lawn look unappealing? Take decisive action to improve the appearance of your property’s exterior by contacting a local lawn care professional.

Help! My Taunton Flower Bed Is Full Of Weeds

Get the healthy, beautiful garden of your dreams with DeRosa Landscaping’s weed control services in Taunton.

Answering Questions About Spring Lawn Care In Taunton

Are you struggling with lawn weeds, poorly maintained flower beds, or similar landscaping problems? Contact a local professional for proven solutions.

Everything You Should Know Before Installing An Irrigation System In Taunton

What should you know about irrigation in Taunton before making the investment? Take time today to learn about this lawn care method from our experts.

How Important Are Snow Plowing Services In Taunton?

Worried that the snow around your Taunton property will create hazardous conditions? Learn more about the snow removal services DeRosa Landscaping offers.

How To Keep A Beautiful Lawn In Taunton

Got a lawn? Want to love it? Try these tips to keep your Taunton lawn beautiful and avoid common diseases and weeds with help from DeRosa Landscaping.

The Best Way To Keep Your Taunton Lawn Weed-Free

Are you wondering if weeds are overtaking your yard? Learning the best ways to keep your lawn weed-free might be wise.

Clearing Your Taunton Property From Fall Debris Before Winter Hits

Tired of raking leaves and cleaning up branches around your Taunton home this fall? Let DeRosa Landscaping keep your lawn clean and safe for the coming win...

The Benefits Of A Quality Fertilization Program For Your Taunton Lawn

Does your grass need special attention to stay healthy? Learning more about how fertilization programs improve lawns might be helpful.

Watering Benefits

Water is one of the most mobile and abundant compounds on earth. Find out the benefits of proper watering for your Taunton lawn

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"Bought a house a couple years ago and the lawn was incredibly bad and mistreated. Spent this spring and summer working on it with Dave over at DeRosa and he was a great! He educated me on proper care and I was able to revitalize my lawn and it looks amazing this fall! I highly recommend this company"

Young couple with the male hugging the female from behind
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