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Taking Care Of All Of Your Taunton Yard’s Spring Lawn Care Needs

After a long, cold, snowy winter, nothing is better than encountering signs of spring. Seeing the trees begin to bud, discovering crocuses blooming along the side of your house, and stepping outside only to find you don’t need your jacket are all experiences to appreciate. As the last snow melts, you might look out your windows and realize that along with the arrival of spring comes a lot of yard work.

If you want a healthy summer lawn, you have to start with spring lawn maintenance. Winter can alter pH levels, compact soil, and create conditions friendly to weeds and disease, so it’s crucial that you properly clean, fertilize, and mow your yard early in the season. What can you do when winter’s receding snow reveals bare spots, invasive plants, and other problems with your patch of green? Call DeRosa Landscaping! We provide spring services to take care of all your Taunton home’s spring lawn maintenance needs.

Our Taunton, MA Spring Services

yard with plants all around that have been manicured

DeRosa Landscaping offers multiple services to get your yard ready for the season. It goes through a lot in the winter, and our lawn care services will make it as healthy as possible in the spring, enabling it to thrive throughout the summer and fall. Our spring cleanup consists of several services. These include:

  • De-thatching
  • Cleaning Out Plant Beds
  • Edging Plant Beds
  • Mulching

Our de-thatching service will remove debris, sticks, trash, and leaves left over from the winter. These items all contribute to heavy thatch buildup, which creates dead spots in your lawn, so removing them helps keep your lawn full. Our lawn care specialists are experts in our field and know how to remove thatch in a way that is least stressful to your lawn.

We then rake out all plant beds and prune any plants that need it. This service exposes plant crowns to the air to allow for maximum breathability. We do this to reduce the likelihood of plant disease.

Once we clean the plant beds, we’ll edge them with a three to five-inch deep edge to hold the mulch in the beds. Creating a clear landscaping edging has several benefits beyond its visual appeal. It keeps mulch in and stops water run-off from damaging turf areas, establishes clear transitions from lawn areas to walkways to plant beds, and allows us to remove excess loam and root growth to avoid unnecessary heat transfer that can damage plants and turf.

After we’ve edged your plant beds, we’ll mulch them. First, we’ll remove all old mulch, then apply new mulch at a depth of at least two inches. We use premium organic mulch that is hand-selected and triple ground. This mulch gives nutrients back to the plants as it decomposes and shields your plants from insects and diseases.

All material collected during our spring cleanup is removed from your property and disposed of in a composting facility, leaving you with a yard that is beautiful and ready for a healthy growing season.

Our Spring Service Process

close up of de-thatching


De-thatching your lawn is a process that requires knowledge and skill, and it is important for the overall health of your yard. We’ll remove the necessary debris to stop dead spots on your lawn.

close up of a flower bed edging


Edging your plant beds keeps mulch where it belongs, differentiates different areas of your landscaping, and helps with run-off and overgrowth. We edge your beds three to five inches deep.

close up of DeRosa mulch product


We use premium organic mulch to make your landscaping look its best. Our mulching service is also beneficial to your plants because it prevents insects and diseases and gives nutrients back to the plants.

Spring Cleanup Frequently Asked Questions

Spring cleanup services for your lawn set your property up for a healthy and beautiful growing season. Our cleanup services are not just for aesthetic purposes; they offer several benefits to your lawn and plant beds. Our services remove thatch to get rid of dead spots, offer plant and lawn disease control, prevent insects, and more.

Let Us Take Care Of Your Spring Lawn Care Needs

Getting your lawn ready for spring can be a big job. You need a landscaping company that knows what it’s doing. DeRosa Landscaping has over 20 years of experience providing Taunton homes with the best lawn treatments available. Call us now to schedule your spring cleanup service.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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They did an excellent job in filling in an in-ground pool that could not be fixed. After grass goes in it will be virtually impossible for anyone to tell that there was a pool there for over 40 years. Dave also is a very personable man to do business with, not to mention that he is very competitive with his pricing. I would and will do business with him again.

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Lou T.

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