Help! My Taunton Flower Bed Is Full Of Weeds

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Weeds are the bane of any gardener’s existence. They choke out the plants you actually want, and it takes a lot of work to keep your yard clear. There are a lot of things you can do on your own to maintain a healthy garden, but DeRosa Landscaping is here to help. We offer plenty of options for lawn care in Taunton so that you can have the yard and garden of your dreams. Our professional weed control is just a phone call away. 

Option 1: If You Have The Time, Use Mulch

Mulching is incredibly beneficial for home gardens. It helps your plants get the nutrients they need, prevents water from evaporating as quickly, limits soil erosion, and protects plants’ roots. When it comes to weeding, mulch can prevent weed growth. It essentially blocks weeds from taking nutrients from the plants you want. Any weeds that do grow will also be much easier to pull out. 

Mulching in Taunton can be a time-consuming task depending on the size and layout of your yard. You’ll need to lay the mulch a few inches deep and spread it around your plants. Mulching around developed plants, shrubs, and trees can take some practice to make sure it’s placed correctly. 

Despite the extra effort, mulching is a huge benefit to your yard. If it’s something you’re able to do, it can be a fantastic option for the health of your plants. 

Option 2: Pull Out The Weeds Or Use A Weed Killer

Weed killers and physical weed pulling are both effective methods of weed control. Pulling weeds manually can be an intense task, especially when it’s warm outside. It definitely takes time since you have to be sure to pull the whole plant out, including the roots. But because you’re doing it by hand, you’re able to control what plants get removed and which ones stay.

When you use a weed killer, you have to be careful that you don’t also kill the plants you intend to keep. There are selective herbicides that are designed to target specific plants, which may be a good option for your yard. Regardless of what kind of weed killer you apply, be sure to follow the instructions carefully and avoid contact with the herbicide. These can be harmful to humans, and they should only be used in a controlled environment away from children and pets. 

One downside to manual weed control is that it does require a lot of upkeep. Weeds always try to grow back in, so you have to remove them regularly. Whether you’re pulling the weeds or spraying an herbicide, keep an eye on your yard to see when it needs to be done again. 

Option 3: Embrace The Edible Weeds

Weeds can be harmful to your other plants, but some of them can be beneficial. Dandelion leaves, roots, and flowers can all be eaten. Young chickweed shoots are edible as well. Even nettles can be edible as long as they are cooked thoroughly. Other edible weeds that are often found in Taunton yards include:

  • Purslane
  • Sheep sorrel
  • Curly dock
  • Wood sorrel
  • Lamb’s quarters

Always be sure to carefully identify a plant before you eat it, and follow any preparation instructions that the identification guide provides. 

Not every weed in your yard is going to be edible, which means this method is best used in tandem with weed pulling. It isn’t recommended that you use a weed killer in the same area as any plant you intend to eat, whether it’s a weed or a vegetable plot. You really don’t want to risk contaminating your food with an herbicide. 

Once you figure out what edible weeds pop up in your yard, it’s like you get a bonus herb and vegetable garden. There are plenty of recipes using weeds and foraged plants available for you to try.

Call In The Professionals To Maintain Your Flowerbeds

Whatever goals you have for your yard, DeRosa Landscaping can help you get there. If you want mulch but don’t have the time, we offer mulch services in Taunton. If you need help with weed control in Taunton, we’ve got your back. You deserve to have a beautiful, healthy yard. Call DeRosa Landscaping for all your Taunton lawn and landscaping needs

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