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Answering Questions About Spring Lawn Care In Taunton

person cleaning leaves in backyard area

During each spring, plant growth resumes in the yards of Taunton’s property owners. Many local homeowners remain unaware of the importance of taking positive steps during the spring months if seeking a healthy, lush lawn in the summer. Over the cold winter months, lawn conditions often decline, such as the nutritional level of the soil and other adverse concerns that may invite problems involving the onset of disease and the growth of weeds. 

Are you seeking lawn fertilizing services or front yard landscaping ideas for your property? Consider reaching out to a local professional who understands the best ways to develop a healthy lawn. A Taunton lawn care company like DeRosa Landscaping provides high-quality local lawn care services and maintains the knowledge and equipment needed to deliver excellent results.  

How Do I Maintain My Lawn In The Springtime?

What are some of the best lawn care maintenance options for the spring season? Among the most important services include de-thatching, cleaning and edging plant beds, and mulching. A lawn care professional will evaluate the circumstances and create a comprehensive spring clean-up plan. 

Should I Be Fertilizing My Yard During The Spring?

Most of the grasses found in this region benefit from fertilizing in both the spring and fall. Consider discussing a customized fertilization plan with a properly trained lawn care professional. 

What Kind Of Pests Can I Expect In My Lawn This Spring?

Data from the University of Massachusetts (UMass) Amherst Center for Agriculture, Food, and the Environment suggests that effective pest management requires regular monitoring of the lawn for insect activity as well as signs of weeds or indications of disease. Some of the most common problematic pests include: 

  • White grubs: The term “white grub” refers to creatures in the larval stage, including Japanese beetle grubs, European chafers, and Asiatic Garden beetles. Aptly named for their color, these “c-shaped” pests are usually found in the soil during April and May and often reappear in August or September.
  • Chinch bugs: As small, soft-bodied pests that rarely exceed 1/8 of an inch long, chinch bugs prefer feeding on bluegrass and fescues. One means of detection involves pushing a coffee can or similar object into the soil, filling it with water, and looking for chinch bugs that rise to the surface. 
  • Sod webworms: Sod webworms are a caterpillar that reaches up to one inch long, known for emerging at night and consuming grass. In many cases, lawns containing these pests attract plenty of hungry birds. 

Homeowners in Taunton should remain aware that the aforementioned pests represent only some of the possible types that you might encounter. Some of these insects that exist in the natural environment might play a beneficial role, such as ladybird beetles and ground beetles, which consume aphids and other types of troublesome pests. 

How Necessary Is Professional Lawn Care?

Many local property owners try do-it-yourself home lawn care products that commonly create very mediocre results. For example, individuals might choose the wrong product for the lawn, make mistakes in the application process, and many others. 

Are you in need of local lawn care services near you? For over two decades now, DeRosa Landscaping has remained among Taunton's leading residential landscaping contractors. As a family-owned company, we maintain a firm commitment to ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality customer service. 

As a truly full-service operation, we offer a comprehensive variety of services ranging from lawn installation, hydroseeding, mulching, and customized seasonal clean-up projects. We understand the importance of maintaining the appearance of your property’s exterior and use many of the latest products and treatment options for processes involving fertilization and weed control. 

After contacting DeRosa Landscaping, we will deploy a well-trained, uniformed professional to the home for a property assessment and gain an understanding of your goals and preferences. Contact our team today for further information.