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The Benefits Of A Quality Fertilization Program For Your Taunton Lawn

a healthy green lawn

Taunton, Massachusetts, is a city full of historical significance. Once occupied by its original inhabitants, the Wampanoags, it later became home to many of the original Plymouth colony settlers. When strolling through Taunton, you're bound to notice plenty of 100-year-old wood-framed homes surrounded by healthy, lush yards that cause people to stop and stare. With proper Taunton landscaping, locals who stop by your property may get tempted to stop and admire your yard.

The Many Factors That Can Wreak Havoc To Your Lawn

Investing in a property is one of the most important decisions a person makes. While buildings are important, the grounds surrounding them can play a pivotal part in the overall value of your property. Since well-kept lawns help enhance the value of properties, keeping them from appearing unhealthy and barren is vital.

Eight factors that can wreak havoc on your lawn include:

  1. Drought
  2. Moisture (too little or too much)
  3. Mowing (infrequent mowing, cutting too low, using a dull blade)
  4. Improper seeding
  5. Too much thatch (dead leaves, roots, stems that mix with good grass)
  6. Under and over-fertilization
  7. Insects
  8. Fungus and bacteria

Any number of factors can contribute to a yard's decline. With expert help from DeRosa Landscaping, we can provide lawn treatment services that will diagnose problems and suggest affordable options to get lawns to a pristine condition.

A Healthier, More Beautiful Lawn And Environment

More than just monetary value, property owners who invest in their lawns can also obtain other benefits from healthy and thriving grasses. Healthy grasses anchor the soil and prevent erosion; they also help slow down water run-off, so all the grass's nutrients don't get washed away. Grasses help soak in moisture that ensures water gets to the roots. A robust network of roots aids in filtering pollutants out of water that passes through the soil. Hearty grasses can also help protect the ground during the cold winter months.

Healthy lawns help moderate the climate by lowering air temperatures during warm weather and providing shading and cooler places for people to enjoy the outdoors. Even the quality of the air we breathe gets enhanced with healthy lawns. Having a yard that pleases property owners and enhances the environment takes work; therefore, when forces beyond your control wreak havoc on your lawn, it's time to contact the best full-service lawn care near you. DeRosa Landscaping can provide customers with a fertilization program that will help keep lawns healthy year-round.

How A Fertilization Program Works

Lawn fertilizer services support the health of your lawn so it stays robust. Grasses can deplete essential nutrients/elements throughout the year—fertilization programs aid grasses in recovering those lost nutrients/elements. Grasses in Taunton usually wake up in early spring and experience rapid growth; this is when grasses tend to use stored-up carbohydrates to begin new development. If property owners over-fertilize, they can destroy the grass. Late spring brings on a slowdown of growth heading into summer, but when fall winds blow and temperatures start to drop, the growth of the grass begins again, but at a slower pace. During this time, grass growth will concentrate on storing energy to develop roots and carbohydrates, helping grass withstand winter. Fall lawn treatments can be one of the most critical times for fertilization. DeRosa Landscaping is a local company you can trust to use the appropriate tools and necessary lawn treatments to revive unhealthy-looking lawns.

The Best Quality Fertilization Program For Your Lawn

DeRosa Landscaping has been providing excellent landscaping services to the folks in Taunton since 2000. Our company offers service-based options that bring value to all the services we provide. Whether your job is small or large, our company has the means, equipment, knowledge, and experience to get your landscaping job done right the first time. Communication with our customers is key to our success. To ensure healthy grass and lovely yards, put DeRosa Landscaping in your plants; call us today.