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Clearing Your Taunton Property From Fall Debris Before Winter Hits

home with a healthy lawn

In the fall, yards filled with beautiful leaves bring a sense of nostalgia. Driving around, you can see some beautiful landscaping in Taunton. However, leaves can be hazardous to your lawn and family. 

Leaves and debris invite unwelcome pests to your property and create dead spots on your lawn. Fallen branches and sticks can cause injury to your family and pets. 

Fall is a critical time of year for landscaping companies to provide seasonal lawn maintenance. Fall lawn treatment helps clear debris and clean up your property so you are ready for winter. Hiring a full-service lawn care service near you is a great option to keep your yard beautiful. 

Lawns Always Seem More Cluttered In The Fall

Caring for your lawn each season is vital to keeping it healthy year-round. Yard maintenance is essential in the fall months. We know that fall lawn care can be overwhelming for a homeowner. 

After a storm, you can see all the leaves and debris strewn over your yard. Heavy wind and rain can bring sharp branches and sticks down on your property. If you don’t clean up debris in your yard before winter, you will leave your lawn in a weakened state. Our experienced crew is here to take care of your fall cleanup and landscaping needs. 

Why Clearing Your Lawn Yourself Can Be A Real Hassle

We all know raking leaves is back-breaking work that often feels like it will never end. Figuring out how to dispose of them can be difficult as well. Our crews at Derosa Landscaping offer full-service lawn care near you. Not only do we remove the leaves and debris from your property, but we also dispose of them at a composting facility. 

Getting the yard cleared before the snow falls can be a hassle. We understand the temptation to ignore it until spring; however, this can cause several problems for you and your lawn. Leaves left over the winter can cause damage to the lawn and prevent new blades of grass from emerging in the spring. The debris also creates hiding places for unwanted insects, rodents, and snakes. All of this creates unnecessary headaches for you.

Clearing Debris From Your Lawn And Plant Beds Prevents Many Problems

Some important reasons to clean up your property in the fall:

  • Fallen leaves and debris give pests a place to stay over the winter months. 
  • Removing dead or unsightly plant material from lawns and plant beds keeps your landscaping attractive and ready for winter.
  • Fall lawn treatment promotes a healthier lawn in the spring. 
  • Other debris, such as dead branches with sharp edges, can be dangerous for pets and children.
  • Hiring a local lawn service that understands the precautions needed before winter can save you a lot of trouble when the snow starts to fall.

Lawn maintenance and cleanup are necessary, and we are here to help!

Trust DeRosa Landscaping For The Best Fall Clean Up For Your Yard

Fall cleanup takes a lot of time and energy. Raking leaves, removing debris, and preparing for winter can be overwhelming for a homeowner. If you have decided to reach out for assistance clearing your property this fall, note that not all landscaping companies are created equal.

Hiring a local lawn service like DeRosa Landscaping can take care of your yard and lawn maintenance needs all year round. We are here to help you set the stage for a beautiful lawn in the spring. Call us now for help with your fall cleanup and beyond.