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Flower beds add a touch of elegance to any property, providing your lawn with color and making your property more aesthetically pleasing overall. However, just like all healthy lawns need regular maintenance, so do your flower beds. If you want to keep your flowers and landscaping in the best shape possible, the best thing to do is secure regular flower bed maintenance from landscaping professionals. That's where we come in.

DeRosa Landscaping is your local source for quality flower bed maintenance and landscaping services. Whatever the state of your flower beds when we arrive, we promise to leave them healthier and more beautiful than ever before. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our flower bed maintenance services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flower Bed Maintenance

Will weeds kill the flowers in my flower bed?

Weeds can cause a lot of issues for your flower bed and the overall health of your lawn. They restrict plant growth and threaten landscaping by using up essential nutrients. They also expose your flower beds to diseases and pests. 

Whether you're dealing with troublesome weeds like crabgrass, dandelions, pigweed, and purslane, or noxious weeds like quackgrass, Canadian thistle, bindweed, and nutsedge, the fact is that weeds can be harmful to your flower beds and compromise the growth and development of new vegetation. When you don't manage invasive weeds properly, they can grow out of control. That's why we suggest professional weed control and flower bed maintenance.

How important is mulching in a flower bed?

The use of mulch is an important part of effective gardening practices and flower bed maintenance. Mulch blocks the sunlight that weeds require to grow, helping to reduce the presence of invasive weeds throughout your lawn.

Here at DeRosa Landscaping, we use organic mulch that acts as a shield from insects and diseases. Our mulch is hand selected and brought in for resale to our customers from Northern Maine and Canada. Our mulch is triple ground and is true Bark Mulch, meaning it decomposes and gives nutrients back to the plants.

Our mulching process involves removing the current mulch from the plant beds and exposing the crowns of the plants to airflow in order to prevent disease and root rot. We apply new mulch to a depth of at least 2 inches to shade plant roots.

Can DeRosa Landscaping help with flower bed design?

Our professional landscapers have extensive experience providing complete flower bed maintenance and design services. Depending on the layout of your property and the vision you have for your yard, we will work with you to come up with the perfect design to make your flower beds uniquely your own.

What types of properties does DeRosa offer flower bed maintenance services to?

DeRosa Landscaping provides comprehensive flower bed maintenance services to both residential and commercial properties. We offer both stand-alone services as well as ongoing services. No matter what kind of property you're dealing with, our goal is to provide the very best landscaping solutions throughout Bristol County and the surrounding areas.

What can I expect from flower bed maintenance services?

Here at DeRosa Landscaping, our flower bed maintenance services include a variety of treatments. In addition to mulching, weed control, and lawn fertilization, we provide services such as the following.

Hydroseeding: This planting process uses a slurry of seed and mulch. It is often used as an erosion control technique on construction sites, as an alternative to the traditional method of broadcasting or sowing dry seed. The process of hydroseeding is when we mix a paper product with seed, fertilizer, soil amendments, and/or herbicides into a tank of water and manually spray it onto the customer's lawn. The seed and fertilizer create a blanket of material to keep things hydrated and promote speedy seed germination.

Pruning: During the pruning process, we will put tarps down to collect clippings and dispose of those clippings for you. While pruning, we can also weed flower beds, apply organic granular fertilization, deep root fertilization, and add granular weed preventive if needed. Pruning is done after bloom in the spring or the fall.

Whatever kind of flower bed maintenance services you want, you can rely on us to deliver the results you deserve. We are a family-owned-and-operated company that has serviced the community since the year 2000, and we look forward to bringing you the professional flower bed maintenance services you're looking for. Call us today to get started.

How can I prevent spiders in the future?

Keeping spiders off your property and out of your Millinocket home can be difficult, but there are some things you can do to deter them from your home and property!
To keep spiders from finding their way into your home, take the following steps:

  • Seal as many entry points in the exterior of your home as possible
  • Caulk cracks and crevices in the foundation and exterior walls of your home
  • Make sure all of your window and door screens are intact
  • Place weather stripping around all exterior windows and doors
  • Situate gardens and wood piles a distance away from the outside of your home
  • Repair clogged gutters and leaky fixtures that can provide spiders with a water source

For more information on our spider control services, give the professionals here at Baxter Pest Control a call at (888) 555-1234!

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