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How To Keep A Beautiful Lawn In Taunton

a beautiful green lawn and landscaping in a backyard

If you want to have a beautiful lawn year-round, you should engage the services of a professional lawn care service crew. Not only will your lawn be gorgeous, but lawn care in Taunton will also help with pest control by eliminating piles of brush or overgrown flowerbeds that provide havens for rodents. At DeRosa Landscaping, we believe that we should be in your plants.

Lawn Care Is A Year-Round Task In Taunton

Since Taunton enjoys all four seasons, lawn care is a year-round job. You don’t just need lawn mowing and lawn fertilizer services in Taunton. You also need pruning, mulching, snow removal, planting, thatching, and lawn aerator service to keep things looking great and staying healthy.

The Many Problems That Can Plague Your Lawn

Whether your lawn is bluegrass, fescue, ryegrass, or a mix of these, you want to keep it healthy year-round. Some of the problems that lawn service near you could help you prevent or deal with in your Taunton lawn include:

  • Red thread is a disease that affects overwatered and shaded grass. It can cause thin red lines to appear on the blades of grass.
  • Rust disease turns large patches of your lawn yellow or light green. When you carefully investigate, you’ll see rusty orange spores on the blades of grass. Anything that stresses the grass leaves it susceptible to rust disease.
  • Brown patch disease causes circles of yellow and brown grass up to three feet wide. The edges may be smokey gray from rotting, dead grass. Hot weather in spring and fall, added to excessive moisture, can contribute to the spread of brown patches. 
  • Dollar spot disease starts as silver-dollar-sized spots of grass blades with yellow patches. These spots grow together into irregular blocks. Overwatering, under-fertilizing, and not thatching your yard can cause dollar spot disease.
  • Leaf spot disease causes brown circles with purple-brown edges on the blades of grass. Roots and crowns turn brown and rot. High humidity, too much moisture, mowing your yard too short, and over-fertilizing can contribute to leaf spot disease.
  • Pythium disease causes greasy-looking black blades following the water patterns in the yard. Over-watering, over-fertilizing, and too much shade are major contributors to pythium disease.
  • Snow mold disease causes pinkish-white spots up to one foot wide on grass. Cool, wet autumns leave grass susceptible to snow mold, and too much nitrogen fertilizer or shade and poor drainage can contribute to the problem.
  • Summer patch disease causes rings of dead and dying tan-colored grass with live, healthy grass in the center. High temperatures in late spring and summer can contribute to the disease, as can excessive watering, compacted soil, mowing too short, and poor drainage.

Professional lawn care services can help you stop these problems before they start and keep your lawn looking great all year round.

How A Few Weeds Can Become A Big Problem

A few weeds can easily become a big problem in your yard. They can take over your garden and flowerbeds and provide homes for unwanted insects and other pests. They can even cause physical harm.

Weeds are defined as plants that grow where you don’t want them. English ivy on an arbor is lovely. English ivy growing up the side of your house can destroy the mortar holding the bricks together, causing severe exterior damage to your home.

Some weeds are invasive, taking over wherever they’re growing. For all its beauty, Wisteria is invasive and can overrun anything else you’ve planted nearby. Other weeds are noxious, causing things like burns and blisters on your hands from handling them. Poison ivy and poison oak are in this category. You need an experienced lawn weed control service to deal with this kind of weed.

Let The Professionals Help Keep Your Lawn Beautiful

The professional crews from DeRosa Landscaping have the experience you need to keep your lawn beautiful. If you have dogs or cats, you need pet-friendly lawn care services near you. We know how important your littlest family members are to you and will take care not to use any treatments that could harm them. 

In business for over 20 years, we have the know-how to maintain your lawn, build you a whole new one from scratch, or anything in between. Call us today for a free estimate and learn more about our Taunton lawn care services.