Landscaping Services In Swansea, MA

Landscaping Services In Swansea, MA

Located by the mouth of the Taunton River, Swansea, Massachusetts, is a great place to live and work. With beautiful surroundings, a thriving retail sector, and many great neighborhoods in which to settle, you can't go wrong in choosing this Bristol County town. Swansea offers many business opportunities and recreational areas, including Swansea Memorial Park, which provides walking and biking trails. We are also just a short drive away from Providence, Rhode Island. 

If you've chosen this area for your home or business, there may come a time when you seek landscaping services in Swansea. When that time comes, DeRosa Landscaping is the company to call. With decades of experience in landscaping and lawn care, DeRosa Landscaping offers high-quality services performed by experienced professionals. Our services include mulching, pruning, seasonal clean-ups, winter services, fertilization and weed control, and much more. DeRosa Landscaping is Swansea's best choice regardless of your landscaping or lawn care needs.

What's The Best Way To Mulch My Swansea Garden?

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You may think the best way to mulch your Swansea garden is to grab a few bags of mulch at your local home improvement store and spread it around your plants. Although this will improve the look of your gardens, for the time being, there is a better way. Professional mulching services from DeRosa Landscaping offer several benefits over DIY mulching.

At DeRosa Landscaping, we handpick the mulch we use in order to provide our customers with premium, organic mulch that contains no dyes, creosotes, pesticides, or chemicals. Our mulch is true bark mulch from Northern Maine or Canada. It is triple ground so that it decomposes, allowing it to return nutrients to the plants. It is also a natural insect repellent. 

Having your garden mulched by professionals ensures that your plants receive the best care. Before putting down the new mulch, the professionals at DeRosa Landscaping remove the old mulch, exposing the plant crowns and allowing airflow to prevent disease and root rot. We then apply new mulch at a depth of at least two inches to shade plant roots for their continued protection. The best way to mulch your Swansea garden is to call the experts at DeRosa Landscaping.

Pruning Plants Will Help Them Grow In Swansea

Pruning your plants is an often overlooked lawn care task that can make a huge difference in both the appearance and health of your plants. Plants allowed to grow without pruning look unkempt and can make your lawn or garden overgrown. They also won't grow as well as pruned plants.

Pruning gets rid of parts of your plants that aren't contributing to the overall health of those plants. Damaged or diseased branches and extra branches that take nutrients away from stronger ones are all parts of the plant that you should trim away. However, knowing which parts of a plant to prune and what time of year to do it takes specific knowledge and experience. The experts at DeRosa Landscaping offer lawn care services near you that provide the pruning you need for healthy, thriving plants. We will schedule your pruning service at the right time of year, remove the right parts of your plants, and carry away all the pruned materials so that your lawn remains free of debris.

Dethatching Is A Vital Step To Spring Clean-Up For Swansea Yards

If the grass on your lawn is brown, has dead spots, or is struggling to grow, it may be long overdue for a good dethatching. Thatch is a layer of dead grass, sticks, leaves, and other debris that collect over time and settle between the soil and the grass blades. This layer makes it difficult for grass to receive the water and nutrients from the soil below that it needs to thrive. 

Thatch often gets worse over the winter, so dethatching your lawn in the spring is a great way to prepare your grass for the growing season. DeRosa Landscaping provides lawn maintenance services that will thoroughly dethatch your lawn and the other spring clean-up services you need for a thriving landscape all spring and summer.

Hydroseeding Is Better Than Dry Direct Seeding In Swansea

If you are in need of a new lawn, a section of your lawn needs new grass, or you are in the middle of a construction project and need quick grass growth, hydroseeding is the way to go. Sowing dry seed is the traditional method for growing grass on Swansea lawns, but hydroseeding has several benefits over direct seeding.

  • Hydroseeding spreads the seeds more evenly than dry seeding.
  • Hydroseeding includes a slurry of seed, fertilizer, and other materials that are beneficial for your lawn.
  • Hydroseeding promotes speedier germination than dry seeding.
  • Hydroseeding requires less watering than dry seeding.

If you need hydroseeding in Swansea, contact DeRosa Landscaping today.

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"Hired DeRosa Landscaping to install some mulch and stone in a cleared area as well as wood chips for a playset area. These guys did a phenomenal job. Very responsive and did clean work. Exceeded expectations and cleaned up after themselves. Would recommend to anyone looking for landscaping"

Interracial family of a white mom and black dad with their two sons in their laps laughing all together.
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