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Rehoboth, Massachusetts, is a great place to live and work. Our town boasts many parks and historical sites that are wonderful places to visit, and it provides rural living just a short drive to more urban settings in Providence, Rhode Island, and Boston. With an excellent school system, young families are sure to find what they're looking for here. Our growing town also provides many job opportunities to people of all ages. 

If you call Rehoboth home or have a business here, you know how each season can take a toll on your property. The heat of summer can bake your lawn, pests can destroy your trees and shrubs throughout the year, and harsh winters can leave your landscaping struggling to survive when spring arrives. Thankfully, landscaping services in Rehoboth are available for your property from DeRosa Landscaping. We offer a wide variety of landscaping services to meet all of your needs. Whether you are just starting out and need a new lawn installed or want help making your existing lawn as healthy and beautiful as possible, DeRosa Landscaping offers the expert solutions you need.

Benefits Of A Professional Spring Clean-Up For Your Rehoboth Lawn

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It's no secret that winters in Rehoboth can be brutal. Cold temperatures, snow, and ice can do a number on your lawn, leaving it struggling when spring arrives. Thankfully, that doesn't mean your lawn is doomed to look terrible all spring and summer. A professional spring clean-up from DeRosa Landscaping can make all the difference between having landscaping that struggles to survive and having landscaping that thrives. 

What are the benefits of a professional spring clean-up for your Rehoboth lawn?

  • It removes heavy thatch buildup that accumulates through the winter from sticks, debris, and leaves.
  • It removes debris from plant beds.
  • It exposes plant crowns to the air, providing the breathability they need to prevent disease.
  • It makes your lawn and landscaping look better.

Whether you're worried about your lawn's health or just sick of it looking bad, a spring clean-up can make all the difference. For lawn care services near you, look no further than DeRosa Landscaping.

Mulching Has Many Benefits For Your Rehoboth Garden

A well-mulched garden looks fantastic. However, that's not the only reason to consider having your Rehoboth garden mulched this year. At DeRosa Landscaping, we know that not all mulch is created equal, and we are extremely picky when it comes to what type of mulch we use. We hand-select premium, organic mulch from Canada and Northern Maine that is free of dyes, pesticides, chemicals, and creosotes. It is triple ground, true bark mulch. The mulch we use offers several benefits.

  • It acts as a shield from insects and diseases.
  • It decomposes, giving nutrients back to the plants.
  • It is a natural insect repellent.

If you've never had your gardens mulched or if it's been a while and they need to be refreshed, get the best mulch services in Rehoboth. DeRosa Landscaping provides the best, most thorough mulch services in our area.

Follow Proper Pruning Techniques In Rehoboth

Pruning your trees is a job that most people understand the benefits of, but few know how to do the job properly. It takes care, precision, and knowledge to prune trees in a way that helps with growth instead of impeding it. 

If you have trees on your Rehoboth property that need pruning, it's important to follow proper pruning techniques. If you're not sure how to do that, we recommend having your trees pruned professionally. DeRosa Landscaping is a landscaping company with years of experience pruning trees. We know when the best time to prune is, the best way to prune, and how to do it without leaving a mess behind. Let us take care of all of your pruning needs.

There's A Better Way To Remove Snow From Your Rehoboth Property

Whether you love snow or hate it, when you live in Rehoboth, it's something you have to deal with on a regular basis in the winter months. Removing snow from your property is a job that eats up a lot of your time, especially if your only tool is a snow shovel.

DeRosa Landscaping offers a better way to remove snow from your Rehoboth property. Simply leave it to us! We provide snow plowing, shoveling, ice melt applications, sanding and salting services, and commercial snow removal. Our services free up your time and ensure your home or business has safe pathways free of dangerous snow and ice that could injure a family member or customer.

Even when the last thing on your mind is growing plants, grass, and flowers, your local lawn care service professionals can assist you. Contact DeRosa Landscaping to set up your winter services today.

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"Bought a house a couple years ago and the lawn was incredibly bad and mistreated. Spent this spring and summer working on it with Dave over at DeRosa and he was a great! He educated me on proper care and I was able to revitalize my lawn and it looks amazing this fall! I highly recommend this company"

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