Taunton, MA Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services In East Taunton, MA

It’s easy to see why East Taunton, MA is such a popular district of Taunton. This suburban neighborhood is home to dozens of outdoor attractions, including the lakes, trails, and camping sites of Massasoit State Park. 

Hundreds of people live in this quiet, laid-back neighborhood, all of whom enjoy spending time outside. But if there’s one thing these locals don’t love, it’s a poorly manicured yard.

Keeping a green and healthy landscape can be difficult in East Taunton. Not only are you fighting constant weeds, leaves, and droughts, but you may need assistance to reclaim your work and life balance.

This is what the team at DeRosa Landscaping does best. Today, we’re honored to serve East Taunton with long-lasting, effective solutions for lawn maintenance and repair. We make lawn care in East Taunton easier than ever by offering support in every season. All you have to do is sit back and relax – we take care of the rest.

Whether you’re looking to spring-clean your yard or get ready for fall with tree pruning, you can trust our team of hardworking professionals to make the process quick and easy.

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How East Taunton Lawns Benefit From Professional Irrigation Services

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There’s a big difference between ‘watering the grass’ and ‘irrigating your lawn.’ After all, it’s easy to pour water on top of your grass – but creating an irrigation system is a much more difficult task. Not only does improper irrigation lead to yellow leaves and mushy puddles, but it could also encourage unwanted lawn pests to grow and thrive. That’s why you need the assistance of DeRosa Landscaping to build an effective irrigation system you can trust.

Professional irrigation from DeRosa Landscaping allows you to reclaim your yard without risking your precious turf. By carefully evaluating the state of your property, we can help you make informed decisions for your grass, slope, and grade. Need monthly adjustments or a new installation? Our team knows what to do to help your lawn thrive.

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Mulching For Beginners: What East Taunton Residents Should Know

Mulch is an essential component of gardens, trees, and landscape beds. However, there’s a lot more to mulching than meets the eye – and you may be surprised how harmful the wrong substrate can be.

Did you know certain mulches come with harmful dyes or treatments? These could have a negative impact on your plants and soil. Plus, some mulching companies create ‘volcanoes’ around trees and other shrubs that suffocate the plant and lead to rot, mold, and disease.

Thankfully, you can rely on the team at DeRosa Landscaping to help you navigate the mulching process with speed and trust. We have years of hands-on experience with mulching in East Taunton and only rely on the highest-quality substrate to help your plants thrive.

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How Pruning Enhances Plant Growth In East Taunton

Does the thought of chopping branches and pruning bushes make you cringe? You’re not alone: hundreds of property owners in East Taunton hate the idea of harming their plants.

However, pruning unwanted growth is actually an important part of plant health care. Not only does it spur the growth of the plant, but it also reduces its risk for disease. Plus, if you have a history of lawn pests, carpenter ants, or termites, getting rid of dead growth can help you keep unwanted visitors away.

If you don’t feel comfortable performing pruning on your own, you can always trust the professionals at DeRosa Landscaping to help. We’re well-seasoned veterans in the pruning world and know exactly how much to cut and at what time of year.

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The Importance Of Ongoing Lawn Maintenance In East Taunton

It’s a hard truth every East Taunton property owner must learn: a single weekend of yard work isn’t enough to maintain its quality. Your lawn is a complex system of interconnected roots and nutrients, which means even a small amount of neglect can snowball into a much bigger problem.

DeRosa Landscaping can help you manage ongoing lawn maintenance with set-it-and-forget-it plans for modern property owners. In addition to our full-service plans and all-inclusive maintenance program, we can also help to revitalize your yard with:

  • Fall Cleanup

  • Fertilization and Weed Control

  • Hydroseeding

  • Irrigation

  • Lawn Installation

  • Mulching

  • Pruning

  • Spring Services

  • Winter Services

You can learn more about DeRosa Landscaping’s lawn care programs by contacting our team today. Our East Taunton lawn maintenance systems can be customized to your needs to create the perfect outdoor space for you.