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East Freetown is a historic community 31 miles east of Providence. The town rests on the southern end of Long Pond and features rivers, brooks, and lakes. It provides residents with a family-friendly community near major cities with plenty of recreation for people of all ages.

Properties in East Freetown include expansive yards and trees, providing space to play and relax with fresh air and privacy. However, these attributes require constant maintenance to keep your property looking its best. Professional landscaping services in East Freetown, MA, can ensure you get the most out of these attractive features.

DeRosa Landscaping serves East Freetown residents and businesses with the area's best landscaping services. We'll take care of your yard so you can enjoy a beautiful property.

Expert Pruning Services In East Freetown

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Trees and shrubs provide multiple benefits, lining your property for privacy and producing shade for your structure. Pruning is essential for shrub and tree care in East Freetown, keeping them healthy and beautiful. But few people know how and why to prune these ornamentals.

Many people let their trees and shrubs grow wildly and seldom maintain them. They might not understand why and how they should prune these features, or they see it as a daunting task.

Regardless, there are multiple reasons why you should prune your trees and shrubs in East Freetown, such as:

  • Pest minimization

  • To control the size of the plants

  • To encourage new plant growth

  • The removal of hazardous branches or limbs

Pruning trees and shrubs is essential to their health but can be difficult and potentially dangerous. Our experts at DeRosa Landscaping will inspect your property to determine the amount of required pruning. We'll catch our clipping in tarps and only prune unnecessary growth, cleaning up when we finish.

Pruning is essential for your trees and shrubs but can be challenging. Call us to learn how our East Freetown pruning services can improve your property.

Prepare Your East Freetown Lawn For The Year With Spring Services

Winter in East Freetown offers holiday festivities and snow-related activities. Unfortunately, harsh weather can cause havoc in your yard. Preparing your lawn for spring when the snow melts will ensure its beauty for spring, summer, and fall.

Cold weather can change your yard's pH levels, compact soil, and invite weeds. Providing your lawn with the best care following winter will ensure your grass and ornamental plants grow healthy for a beautiful-looking property. Some of the lawn care tasks required for spring include:

  • Lawn dethatching removes debris to avoid dead spots.

  • Cleaning plant beds provides air for plants.

  • Plant bed edging makes room for landscaping.

  • Applying new mulch provides nutrients for your plants.

Even if you know the tasks required to prepare your lawn for spring, completing them is a different story. At DeRosa Landscaping, we provide dethatching, plant bed edging, and mulch replacement, ensuring you're ready for spring.

We design our spring cleanup services to promote the healthy growth of your plants and improve their appearance. Let us know if you want to experience the benefits of our professional spring services in East Freetown.

How Fall Cleanup Services Help East Freetown Lawns Survive Winter

Winter is a difficult season for your lawn and plants. Snow covers their growth, limiting their ability to receive nutrients like sunlight and air. If you don't prepare for these cold months, your landscaping could suffer from disease when spring arrives, making it appear unsightly and vulnerable to pests.

Some of the ways that fall cleanup services in East Freetown can help your lawn survive winter include:

  • Create space for sunlight and moisture.

  • Improve air circulation and water absorption.

  • Control weeds.

  • Prevent lawn damage.

Preparing your lawn for winter is a time and energy-consuming process. Our lawn maintenance services at DeRosa Landscaping will ensure your yard is ready to survive the upcoming harsh conditions. We'll remove debris, like leaves and sticks, and clean your plant beds. We can also take the remains to a composting facility for proper disposal.

The harsh weather during winter can cause problems for your lawn that can linger into spring. Contact us to discover how our fall cleanup services can protect your property this winter.

How Mulching Services Work In East Freetown

Several tasks are essential for healthy lawn growth, and few are as beneficial as mulching. This process provides a protective layer above your soil, helping it retain nutrients and avoid potentially damaging weeds. Some of the benefits of mulching on your property include:

  • Water conservation.

  • Protection of your soil from erosion.

  • Weed suppression.

  • The limitation of damage from landscaping equipment.

Our East Freetown mulching services from DeRosa Landscaping protect your property. We use the best organic mulch that features all-natural bark and lacks dye. We'll remove your old mulch and place the new batch where necessary, installing it at least two inches deep to shade plant roots and protect the plants.

We offer our mulching services as a part of our spring or fall cleanup services or as a stand-alone service. Call us for more about how you can benefit from our mulching services or to get a quote.

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