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Parking Lot Maintenance Information

Keeping Your Property's Parking Lot In Good Shape

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From shopping plazas to office buildings, all kinds of properties need a parking lot, and whether a large lot or a small driveway, it must remain in good shape. Many parking lots are cement, but asphalt is the more common material for parking lots and paved roads, as it's easier to work with. In fact, over 94% of the 2.8 million miles of paved roads in the United States are asphalt. Unfortunately, asphalt is much less durable than concrete and deteriorates quicker because of its softer consistency. 

Whether your parking lot is concrete, asphalt, or gravel, it's important to maintain and protect it from the elements. That's why regular parking lot maintenance is a good idea. Here at DeRosa Landscaping, our parking lot maintenance services provide you with the care your property deserves. There are important factors to consider when it comes to parking lot maintenance, and we're here to give you the low down on this effective preventative service. Keep reading for answers to some frequently asked questions about parking lot maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Parking Lot Maintenance

What does parking lot maintenance consist of?

The basic purpose of parking lot maintenance is to keep your parking lot in the best shape possible. Regular treatments and repairs can help extend the pavement's life, which is why we recommend help from professionals.

How important is parking lot maintenance?

There are a few reasons why maintaining your parking lot is so important. As previously mentioned, asphalt gets weathered over time. It's affected by elements like water, sunlight, oil spills, and constantly being driven on by vehicles. Not only does this make your parking lot an aesthetic eye sore, but it is also unsafe for all the people using the lot.

Potholes and cracks throughout your parking lot can damage vehicles and be unsafe for people. We offer preventative maintenance like filling cracks, striping, and cleaning. Our services keep your parking lot visually appealing and functional, and our regular maintenance also helps prevent costly repairs down the line.

How can I tell if my parking lot needs repair?

If your parking lot has visible cracks or potholes, it's time to address your maintenance needs. Other signs that it's time to call the pros are visible weathering, faded paint markings, and overgrown weeds.

Should you do your own parking lot repairs?

It's very difficult to effectively maintain a parking lot on your own, especially without the proper tools and expertise. Whether you're dealing with a large lot or a small patch of pavement, there are certain professional practices you can't achieve without the experts. Call us to discuss your parking lot maintenance needs today.

How do I take care of trees in my parking lot?

If you have trees around your parking lot, it's important to put in place the proper tree care methods. You should always follow good planting habits to keep the trees from becoming overgrown and maintain adequate irrigation. You should also maintain a few inches of mulch around your trees, but don't let it come into contact with the tree trunks. Additionally, be sure to use fertilizer to encourage root growth and healthy soil.

What can I expect from parking lot maintenance services?

Here are some of the services included in parking lot maintenance:

  • Cleaning the parking lot to remove debris and detect areas in need of repair 
  • Seal coating the asphalt to protect it against weathering 
  • Striping, marking, and painting lines throughout the lot
  • Repainting lines when they've faded and become difficult to see
  • Filling cracks and potholes on the surface of the pavement
  • Repaving the lot and reconstructing it as needed

Call DeRosa Landscaping today to learn more about our parking lot and landscape maintenance services and how your property can benefit from our help.

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