DeRosa Landscaping provides a variety of services to both Commercial & Residential clients for Complete Grounds Maintenance.

Landscape Maintenance

  • Spring Cleanups
  • Fall Cleanups
  • Gutter Clean-outs
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Flower Bed Maintenance
  • Parking Lot Maintenance
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Aeration & Over-seed
  • Slice Seeding
  • Fertilization & Weed Control
  • Mulch, Loam, Stone Deliveries
  • Composting Deliveries
  • Bed Edging Insect, Plant, & Turf Disease Identification

Landscape Construction

  • Bobcat Services
  • Excavation Services
  • Trenching & Ditch-Witching Services
  • Lawn Renovations
  • New Plantings
  • Hardscapes & Softscapes Patio
  • Driveways & Walkways

Snow Plowing

  • Residential Snow & Ice Control Plowing
  • Shoveling
  • Ice Melt Applications
  • Commercial & Industrial Snow and Ice Control Plowing / Shoveling / Sanding / Ice Melt Applications (24 Hour On Call Services)


One adjective some customers may used to describe DeRosa Landscaping. Capable of any job, no matter how big or small. We have the means, equipment, knowledge and experience to do it, and do it right – the first time.

Spring Services Packages

A healthy summer lawn starts with spring maintenance.  Winter can alter soil pH, compact the soil, and create conditions friendly to weeds and disease, so it’s crucial that you properly clean, fertilize and mow your yard early in the season.  So what can you do when winter’s receding snow reveals bare spots, invasive plants and other problems with your patch of green? Don’t panic – Call one of our Specialists today!

Spring Cleanup

Key Benefits of Spring Cleanups

  • Heavy thatch buildup from winter sticks, debris and leaves create dead spots in lawns and are all removed.
  • Plant bed areas are raked down and plant crowns are exposed to allow maximum breathability to your plants, that is a major reason for plant disease.


  1. Spring Cleanups usually consist of removal of all debris, trash, sticks, and leaves left over from the harsh winter months.
  2. All plant beds are raked out and any plant varieties that can be pruned will be at this time.
  3. All plant beds get a clean 3”- 5” deep edge to hold mulch in the beds.
  4. All material is removed off site and disposed of in a composting facility.

Edging Beds

Key Benefits from Edging

  • Clean edges around a property define different area’s and allow transitions from lawns to plant beds to walkways.
  • A well defined edge is what keeps mulch in and water runs off from damaging turf areas.
  • Excess loam and roots overgrown onto hard surfaces such as walkway and roadway edges are trimmed back for visual appearance, along with unnecessary heat transferred and burning up root systems and damaging turf.


  1. Plant bed and hard surface overgrowth are trimmed back for visual aesthetics.
  2. A depth of 3”-5” is established for a deeper appearance after mulch is installed.
  3. Overgrowth is removed from the site and all clippings are to be dumped into a composting facility.


Key Benefits of De-Thatching

  • Built up thatch is removed in extreme cases of neglect.
  • Appropriate amounts of thatch can save up to 1 pound of fertilizer annually.
  • During a lawn renovation is the best times to de-thatch a lawn completely removing weeds, thatch, and unwanted material. Leaving you with a fresh canvas.
  • The best recommendation is to meet with a Lawn Care Specialist, due to unnecessary stress dethatching may cause.


  1. Heavy excess thatch will be removed from the top of the grass roots.
  2. This process is done in a two step sequence, diagonal passes are made to optimize thatch removal.
  3. All material is collected and removed off site to a composting facility.


Key Benefits from Mulching

  • All mulch used is organic and acts as a shield from insects and disease.
  • Our mulch is hand selected and brought in for resale to our customers from Northern Maine and Canada.
  • Our mulch is triple ground and is true Bark Mulch.  This means it decomposes and gives nutrients back to the plants.


  1. Current mulch is removed from the plant beds exposing the crowns of the plants and exposing airflow to prevent disease and root rot.
  2. New mulch is applied to a depth of at least 2” to shade plant roots.

Fall Services Package

Cleaning up before the cold winter season sets the stage for a New England portrait lawn, manicured and beautiful for the winter season. When scattered leaves and debris pile up, or when certain projects demand attention, we can provide comfort and peace of mind as the cold months approach.

We’ve got you covered – Call one of our Specialists today!

Fall Clean-Up

Key Benefits of our Fall Services

  • Debris and leaves create dead spots in lawns and are all removed.
  • Plant bed areas are cleaned up and prepare for the winter season.


  1. Fall Cleanups consist of removal of all debris, trash, sticks, and leaves.
  2. All plant beds are raked out and cleaned.
  3. All material is removed off site and disposed of in a composting facility.

Winter Services Packages

We Are Here Year Round! At DeRosa Landscaping, we offer many services that will keep your yard and home looking great. The cold does not mean our work is done. We can help plan next years gardens, and plan year round treatments for your lawn to keep it grub, weed, and crabgrass free. Give us a call for any of your outdoor landscape needs and we will let you know how we can help.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Why spend time out in the blowing wind and freezing cold moving the back breaking snow and slush from your driveway and walkways? Worse yet why have your elderly family or friends doing it?

Have DeRosa Landscaping do it for you! We can work out an agreement with you that will fit your needs. Don't worry about the weather let us do it for you call us at (774) 872-0165 today before that white stuff leaves you with a sore back.

Snow Plowing Services

DeRosa Landscaping provides snow removal services for both residential and commercial clients.

  • Snow Plowing
  • Shoveling
  • Ice Melt Applications
  • Commercial Snow Removal
  • Sanding & Salting Applications

Spring Is Around The Corner…

Plan your spring plantings, cleanups and lawn care now.

Spring will be here sooner than you know it and we will be dusting off our garden trowels and mowers to help make your yard one of the best in the neighborhood.

Check out our Services page then call us at(774) 872-0165 to get on our busy spring schedule before we run out of space.

black and white image of a lawn that has recently been maintained

What Our Customers Are Saying

Interracial family of a white mom and black dad with their two sons in their laps laughing all together.

"Hired DeRosa Landscaping to install some mulch and stone in a cleared area as well as wood chips for a playset area. These guys did a phenomenal job. Very responsive and did clean work. Exceeded expectations and cleaned up after themselves. Would recommend to anyone looking for landscaping"

Interracial family of a white mom and black dad with their two sons in their laps laughing all together.
Kenny B

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