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Snowfall will likely occur when winter comes and the cold weather takes over. While this blanket of clean white can be beautiful, it's also important to consider the impact that snow has on your property. Allowing snow to accumulate on your property can make it harder to remove down the line, increasing the chances of dangerous ice patches developing. That's why proper snow removal is so important.

Here at DeRosa Landscaping, we provide comprehensive winter services to both residential and commercial clients. Along with snow plowing, we also offer snow shoveling services, ice melt applications, commercial snow removal, and sanding/salting applications. Read through some of the most frequently asked questions about our snow plowing solutions to learn more about snow plowing and the importance of snow removal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Snow Plowing

What are the benefits of hiring DeRosa Landscaping for snow plowing services?

DeRosa Landscaping provides professional snow plowing services that home and business owners can rely on. Only a team of seasoned experts can provide you with the comprehensive service you need and the results you deserve. Our family-owned-and-operated company has serviced the community for over 20 years, and we're proud of the work we do. Call today to discuss your snow plowing and removal needs.

How important is it to remove snow in your driveway?

Removing snow from the driveway is essential to your overall safety and the condition of your driveway. If snow is on the driveway for too long, it can negatively impact the pavement. When the snow melts, water seeps into the cracks and crevices of the pavements and causes damage.

Clearing snow will help prevent ice buildup, minimizing slip and fall accidents. It helps keep everyone safe, protects the pavement, and allows you to create pathways, which help you move around your driveway in a safer and easier way.

Do snow plows cause damage to lawns, roads, and driveways?

Certain heavy-grade commercial snow plows can cause damage to lawns, roads, and driveways. When you think about what a snow plow is actually doing, it makes sense why it can damage lawns, roads, and driveways. The machine essentially drags a heavy blade across the turf to gather and remove accumulated snow. If the blade is not positioned properly, it can scrape and crack the surface beneath it. That's why we recommend professional snow plowing services. Only an experienced professional can handle a heavy-duty snow plow without damaging your property.

Is there a way to get snow off of your roof?

If snow has accumulated on your roof, the weight of the snow can threaten your roof's structure. Not only that, but as snow melts, it can create ice dams on your roof and can cause real damage to its overall function.

The most effective way to remove snow from your roof is to use a plastic snow rake or shovel with an adjustable pole handle. It helps move snow out of the eaves and off the roof without damaging its surface.

Removing snow from your roof can be dangerous, especially without the proper equipment and expertise. Here at DeRosa Landscaping, we offer comprehensive snow plowing solutions and snow removal services to effectively and safely remove snow.

Can snow cause damage to your lawn and flower beds?

Snow and ice are heavy on your lawn, and they can cause plants and flower beds to break down. Aside from the weight of the snow compacting the lawn, the snow itself can cause snow mold on the plants, compromising their health. The good news is that professional snow plowing and removal services can protect your lawn and flower beds from this type of damage.

At DeRosa Landscaping, we offer many landscaping services that will keep your yard and home looking great. The cold does not mean our work is done. We can help plan next year's gardens and plan year-round treatments for your lawn to keep it grub, weed, and crabgrass free. Give us a call for any of your outdoor landscape needs, and we will let you know how we can help.

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