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Fall Cleanup Information

Professional Fall Cleanup Services For Your Home Or Business

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With the arrival of autumn, leaves begin to fall from the trees, and organic matter begins to accumulate throughout your lawn. The different colors are certainly pretty, but the buildup of debris is far from it. If you want to keep your turf in good health and prepare it for the cold season, it's important to get professional fall cleanup services. Cleaning up before the cold winter season sets the stage for a New England portrait lawn, keeping it perfectly manicured and beautiful for the winter season.

DeRosa Landscaping offers a comprehensive fall cleanup to clear your turf of fallen leaves and accumulated debris. It's an important process that leaves your lawn in good shape to survive the winter. When scattered leaves and debris pile up or certain projects demand attention, we can provide comfort and peace of mind as the cold months approach. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about our fall cleanup services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fall Cleanup

Should you rake leaves in the fall or wait for spring?

It's important to rake your leaves in the fall before the first frost appears. If heavy layers of leaves get compacted under frost and snow, it can affect your lawn health and prevent new plant growth when spring arrives. If you neglect fallen leaves and let them pile up, you also risk attracting pests, diseases, and fungus that will kill off your grass. Raking dead leaves in the fall helps encourage plant growth when winter passes, allowing sunlight to reach the roots in the soil.

Why is it important to keep leaves off your property?

As leaves fall from the trees and pile up on your lawn, they start forming a layer of thatch. While a certain amount of thatch is helpful in protecting your turf from the elements, too much thatch is harmful to the health of your lawn. As leaves accumulate and become more compacted, they block the grass and the root zone from accessing water, oxygen, and air. When you keep leaves off your property, you avoid this layer of thatch from building up, providing your grass with exposure to sunlight and essential nutrients.

How important is it to keep debris out of mulch beds?

Keeping debris out of mulch beds is important to maintaining the overall health of your plants. During our fall cleanup services, we remove debris and leaves that have created dead spots in the lawn. We also clean up plant beds and prepare them for the winter season.

What to expect from fall cleanup services?

Here at DeRosa Landscaping, we provide professional fall cleanup services to keep your turf in the best shape possible. Our fall cleanup process includes the following:

  1. Removal of all debris, trash, sticks, and leaves
  2. Raking and cleaning out all plant beds
  3. Removal of all material off-site and disposing of it in a composting facility

If you're interested in preparing your lawn for the winter and setting it up for new growth in the spring, our fall cleanup services are your best bet. Contact DeRosa Landscaping for all your fall cleanup needs. We are here to keep your lawn healthy and leave it in the best shape possible.

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