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Middleborough is a truly beautiful place; not only do we boast some impressive architecture, but our natural beauty and history are on full display in places like Olive Mill Park and The Robbins Archaeological Museum. It's safe to say that residents take pride in the gifts Middleborough gives us.

However, keeping our town looking its best takes a lot of work, and this is especially true for residents who want their property to contribute to Middleborough's identity, not detract from it. Lawn care takes very little time off and requires you to pay close attention to plants growing on your property. 

But not everyone has time to care for their lawn and yard, and that's where DeRosa Landscaping comes in. Our team of specialists and artisans provides professional landscaping services in Middleborough and the surrounding Plymouth County area.

Springtime Lawn Services For Fall River Properties

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The transition from winter to spring brings a lot of landscaping challenges, but our DeRosa Landscaping team can handle them all. Our most commonly-used seasonal lawn care service is debris removal. For example, winter storms may have knocked drown branches and buried them in snow. We'll take care of them and other obstructions that prevent lawn maintenance

Mulching and fertilizing are also essential services in spring. Our harsh New England winters can take a toll on your lawn and garden, and they may need a helping hand getting the necessary nutrients to grow back strong and vibrant. 

Of course, we also offer mowing, trimming, weeding, irrigation, and pruning services to help you get your lawn in shape. So call us today to start crafting your custom care plan.

Plan Your Fall Clean-Up In Fall River Now!

Autumn is a gorgeous time in Middleborough, but the transition needs tending to if you want to keep your property looking its best when spring returns. Removing natural debris like leaves and fallen branches will help your lawn survive winter in good health.

Leaving anything, even organic material, on your lawn through the cold season risks killing the grass directly beneath it. The resulting dead spots are glaring and will require more work to rehabilitate. But our seasonal lawn care maintenance service at DeRosa Landscaping will ensure your lawn is free and clear before winter sets in.

Why Professional Hydroseeding Is A Great Choice For Fall River

Hydroseeding is a unique lawn treatment that can help reverse damage caused by flooding, extreme heat, and soil erosion. The process sees technicians use a hose to spread a slurry of seed, water, and fertilizer over large areas to promote new lawn growth. The mixture contains everything needed for the new lawn to grow and requires no additional labor to apply. 

Traditionally, hydroseeding helps to grow grass and wildflowers in areas that are difficult to reach and where manual planting is impractical. Spraying allows seeds to get to the most challenging spots without effort. Hydroseeding is fast and inexpensive compared to other methods (such as manually laying sod). 

In addition to residential lawns, hydroseeding is ideal for:

  • Hillsides
  • Narrow spaces between buildings
  • Construction sites

Hydroseeding in Fall River is also a straightforward weeding solution. Herbicides in the slurry kill weeds without the need for pulling or specific targeting. When used in areas free of weeds, it won't negatively affect other plants.

Middleborough has experienced increased temperature extremes over the last decade, leading to extensive lawn damage for homeowners and businesses alike. Hydroseeding offers a simple and quick way to reverse the damage and rehab and replace damaged grass. Contact us to learn if hydroseeding is suitable for your lawn.

Tree And Shrub Pruning Tips For Fall River Property Owners

If you're like most homeowners, you reach for the shears when your trees and bushes start looking unwieldy. Or maybe you're more attentive and work pruning into a regular schedule to better keep your home's pristine look. But have you ever wondered if you're pruning too much or not enough?

You're right to wonder! Pruning is one of the most misunderstood aspects of landscaping. While it helps boost visual appeal, it's also necessary for the health of your trees and bushes. When done correctly, it can prevent damage from pests and help limbs grow safely. Pruning is also vital to the safety of your home: by removing limbs before they become overgrown, you reduce the risk of falling branches hitting your house. 

If done incorrectly, however, you risk harming the plant. You need knowledge of the best way and time to cut, which varies from plant to plant. 

Of course, you can take the guesswork out of it by utilizing DeRosa Landscaping's pruning services. After assessing your landscaping needs, we can perform pruning as a one-off service or on a recurring basis as you prefer. In addition, we combine pruning with debris removal, so you don't have to worry about a thing. No matter what your lawn care needs, we want to help. Call us today to learn more about LaRosa Landscaping's services.

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Interracial family of a white mom and black dad with their two sons in their laps laughing all together.
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